Susan L Crum, Ph.D. 


Behavioral Medicine,

Our Office Policies


  • Appointments: Please keep appointments as scheduled. This time is reserved exclusively for you. Thus, if you do not show up or provide less than 48 hours notice, you will be responsible to pay the full fee. Please do NOT call to confirm, due to the volume of calls we receive.

Sign and return this form along a 25% deposit (except for Medicare and VR patients or those who are applying for a payment plan through Tuition Solutions) and you will be called to schedule an appointment. If you do not hear from Dr. Crum within a week, give us a call at 863-9657-2093. In the case of all manual testing, Dr. Crum and her assistant administer the tests. In the case of computerized administered tests, a coach will assist you if you are unfamiliar with computers.

  • Insurance Forms/Letters and Reports: Dr. Crum is a licensed psychologist (FL#PY6618) Therefore, services which are not educational in nature i.e. coaching services or learning skills training are generally reimbursable by insurance plans. If, insurance reimbursement is necessary to begin treatment, the patient needs to make arrangements with the insurance company by obtaining a written pre-authorization for treatment. It is the patient's responsibility to make the insurance benefit work. Dr. Crum will be happy to bill your insurance company on your behalf, but with the exception of Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and Medicare patients, fees are due at the time of service. All major credit cards, personal checks (cleared by Cross Check), Pay Simple and PayPal advanced payments are accepted.

We bill Medicare and Medicare supplemental insurers, as well as Vocational Rehabilitation. If you have other insurance, you will be provided a receipt appropriate for submission to your insurance carrier. If you want a specific insurance form submitted, please fill it out completely so that it only requires my signature. Additionally, you will need to provide me a copy of anything that I sign on your behalf. Specifically, I do not write extra reports for insurance companies, managed care companies, Social Security, schools or doctors without being compensated beyond the final report. Your signature below indicates agreement to these terms.

  • Fees: Fees for neuropsychological testing are current $150.00 per hour. Fees for other testing average $100.00 per hour. This includes the interview, all time spent during the actual administration of the test, time to review the records, time to consult with schools or employers or family members, as well as time to write the report and time to review the results and recommendations with yourself or others. Testing usually takes about 8 to 9 hours and report writing requires basically the same amount of time.

Standard Batteries at quoted prices assume the patient is on time and cooperative such that batteries can be completed in the normal range of time. If a patient requires additional time due to being late, lack of cooperation or the need for additional testing, the additional testing hours will be charged on a per hour basis. A $500.00 deposit is necessary to reserve the first appointment, and clients are expected to pay as they go. Complete payment is due at the final testing session. 

  • Confidentiality: In general the information gathered in interview and testing sessions is confidential and cannot be revealed to others without the client’s written permission. There are, however, some exceptions to the confidentiality between a psychologist and the patient. If you tell me that a child is being abused by yourself or someone else, I must report this to the State of Florida according to the law. If you tell me you are going to harm yourself or someone else, professional ethical standards require that I inform that person and the appropriate authorities. The third exception is if your records are subpoenaed by a court. I must then turn over the records to the court.

As a psychologist, I am subject to strict standards for keeping records confidential. Therefore, if you want me to provide information to anyone, I can do so only with your written permission. Bear in mind, that once information is provided to another party, they may not be under the same obligations to keep your private information confidential. For instance, school districts share information with many employees, and insurance companies may share information among themselves.

  • Legal Cases: If your case becomes a forensic matter, the above noted fees are NOT applicable. Forensic matters are more exacting from the beginning and the fees are compensated at the higher rate of $300.00 per hour.